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Closed out the outdoor season at the Mill on Etowah Amplitheater in Canton last night. Thanks to all who braved the chilly temps to see us. Thank you to Steve and Bob at Speedy Productions for the incredible sound all night. Come see us tonight at the Wing Cafe in Marietta at 8:30pm
Due the the anticipated cold weather for Saturday's show at Feather's Edge, we have rescheduled to May 14th, 2022 5p-8p. Come see us the 19th at Reformation Brewery in Canton and the 20th at Wing Cafe in Marietta.
Just finished up a two weekend set of shows at Jimmy's, Guston's and Feather's Edge. Had a blast and appreciate all the Fans for supporting us. Look on our Gallery and Facebook pages for photos of the fun. Nov 13th we will back at Feather's Edge.
Our second show at The Wing Cafe was awesome. The Fans, Staff and Venue were great and we appreciate everyone coming out. It was our first show with our new keyboardist. Check out the snippet videos under the videos tab.
Thanks to all who came out to Brimstone in Alpharetta to see us. We appreciate Brimstone hosting us and for the cool video montage of the band playing on all the TVs. Hope to see everyone at our next show at The Wing Cafe on July 17th.
Thanks to Dancing Skulls for hosting us Friday. Check out the pics in our gallery. Met some great new fans we hope to see at our next show June 25 at Brimstone in Alpharetta.

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About Heart of Atlanta

Heart of Atlanta is an Atlanta, GA-based Heart Tribute band. Heart of Atlanta ardently reproduces the timeless and influential music of Rock & Roll Hall of Famers - Heart. Performing their radio hits to hidden studio and live gems, the band encompasses all the elements for the complete Heart experience. From the exacting musical re-creation to the powerful stage show, Heart of Atlanta will have you rockin for more.